Hecker Ridge Tiles

About Us

Francis Hecker, our father, purchased a century old roofing company in New Orleans, LA, back in 1963. This was our introduction to the many types of ridge tiles used to decorate the skylines of the city. An incredible array of tiles ("V" and "Lap") were used on the hips and ridges of roofs along with gable starters made to resemble Rooster Combs, Indian Bonnets, Flowers, and even a Frog. These tiles and gable starters can still be seen as you drive through the old neighborhoods of New Orleans. Unfortunately, the ridge tiles began being replaced by cheap, fiberglass ridge caps in the mid 1960's. After finding some of our father's old ridge tile molds in the late 1980's, we decided to attempt to revive the "Old New Orleans" style ridge tiles. We began making them by hand and using the tiles on re-roofed older homes and newly constructed homes. The demand for the tiles was beyond our capacity to make by hand and now we have modern machinery producing our products. The look of Hecker ridges on ordinary fiberglass shingles is amazingly distinctive. Our tiles are functional, making the normal fiberglass cap unnecessary, but are mainly decorative bringing a classical architectural appearance to a fiberglass roof.

If you are interested, then please let us know and we can provide you with literally hundreds of references; from builders, distributors, and also our customers. Just give us a call. We will be happy to supply you with any information you may require.